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GISJob Livorno-Piombino: Concorso per un tecnico

COMPETENZE RICHIESTE La figura professionale di istruttore tecnico svolgerà le mansioni attinenti al profilo professionale di istruttore tecnico consistenti principalmente in attività di: • Elaborazioni cartografiche, utilizzo di programmi GIS e programmi


The Capital Planning Platform is a new resource for collaborative planning, powered by open data and open source technology. The New York City Department of City Planning pioneered open data with Bytes of the Big Apple a decade ago. With the creation

Introducing CARTO SalesQuest: Location-Based Sales Analytics

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about how different business functions use Location Intelligence in very different ways to solve very different problems. This has led customers to ask us if we would ever build specific solutions for use cases. Today,

Servizi Abitativi Pubblici (SAP)

Il servizio contiene il numero di domande per i servizi abitativi pubblici (SAP) che risultano in graduatoria ai sensi della L.R. n. 16/2016.

Movement data in GIS #10: open tools for AIS tracks from

Movement data in GIS #10: open tools for AIS tracks from is a great source for AIS data along the US coast. Their data formats and tools though are less open. Luckily, GDAL – and therefore QGIS – can read ESRI

Geospatial Data Science… Gone Wrong!!

This Halloween, the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is perhaps the most frightening thing that is lurking around the corner... GDPR highlights the fact that increased availability of data comes with a potentially devastating catch