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Amsterdam Neighborhoods map with QGis, LeafletJS e PostGIS

Each area of Amsterdam has its own character and charm, and its own unique variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, museums and attractions. Take time to discover the city's hidden treasures in Amsterdam's neighbourhoods. Neighborhoods: Westerpark

Merry Christmas GIS 2017

Merry Christmas Gistonickers, Gistipster & a tutti quelli che ampliano il loro #target con le #mappe ( le mappe di qualità sono il tuo #kpi ) #xmas2017🎄 (free download without brand)

The Top Trends in Data Visualization for 2018

Data science is a rapidly growing career path and leaders across all industries, fields, and governments are putting their best minds to the task of harnessing the power of location data. Data science is a rapidly growing career path and leaders across

Maphub: Create interactive maps

Maphub allows you to create interactive maps You can easily make your own map by adding points, lines, polygons or labels. Select from 20 different basemaps for background. Control who can view and edit your map (coming soon). Import and export

GB Geojson

What is the difference between Lon, Lat and OS National Grid? The "Lon, Lat" and "OS National Grid" switch in gb-geojson toggles the editable GeoJSON display between two different coordinate reference systems; ESPG:4326 and ESPG:27700. This changes the

jQuery Geo, an open-source geospatial mapping project

jQuery Geo, an open-source geospatial mapping project, provides a streamlined JavaScript API for a large percentage of your online mapping needs. Whether you just want to display a map on a web page as quickly as possible or you are a more advanced GIS